As much as I enjoy messing around about the 3DS.. there is one game

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User Info: TinyTankX

6 years ago#1
There is one game I will get. And it's that Animal Crossing 3DS.

So yeah... I'm not sure when the release date is on the game but I plan on getting the system and the game. I actually was planning on getting the 3DS when OoT came out but eh.. I'll play my Wii Virtual Console for that.

But seriously, I wish at times they had the games already made before releasing the system. While people do not really mind waiting, others do. It sucks that one buys a system early only to see their wanted game released sometime in December. It's worth more just to wait, and as one can see, there was a price drop.

HOWEVER, if I remember correctly, someone said that if all the good games were already released, there really wouldn't be a need a rush to buy them. Like right now Ocarina of Time was released and people got that game quickly. In time they will get bored and wait for the next major release. Like Starfox. When it comes out, BAM! Everyone will get it.

User Info: ZiggyStardust61

6 years ago#2
Yeah, Im really looking forward to animal crossing, unfortunately I believe it's supposed to be released in 2012.
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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#3
The main one for me is probably mario kart, especially since it has online. I never played any of the AC games, no plans to.

Ill get the 3D Mario Land, but I dont know, it looks like more of the same 3D mario platforming. Standard issue stuff, and yes Mario Kart also looks like more of the same, but its the competition that keeps me coming back.

Paper Mario looks great too, need to see more of it though.
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User Info: TinyTankX

6 years ago#4
If its 2012 then wow lol.. maybe there might be a refresh with a new "lite" model.
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  3. As much as I enjoy messing around about the 3DS.. there is one game

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