Is Nintendo playing it safe with big name titles?

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User Info: Bridge_Hanson

6 years ago#1
With all the talk of price drops and loopholes and the ambassador program and whatnot, I still see people here saying that Nintendo's biggest problem is still the library. Which is hard to ignore, yes.

The console is still relatively new though, but you would think with the bad PR Nintendo is dealing with right now that they would be announcing big name after big name like they did when they announced the console back in 2010.

So I'm wondering if it's one of two things: is Nintendo trying to play it safe by making sure the titles are 100% perfect, ready, and high quality? Or are they having developing problems? Or are they simply out of ammo?

What do you think?
From: ghettorevival | Posted: 3/14/2011 6:30:15 PM | #006
Rocky Maiviasatellite?

User Info: IamDodongo

6 years ago#2
They have a crapton of high-quality games on the horizon. I think they are just trying to make sure they're all up to snuff.

User Info: thundercat2600

6 years ago#3
They thought they could get away with what they've always done: release a console with hardly any games, then take their sweet time releasing all the good stuff.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, people aren't willing to take a chance on the 3DS.

User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#4
If you read what I copied from egm

They were looking for mario kart ds, new super mario bros and animal crossing to bounce the ds back

And now the 3ds is pretty much doing the same thing with mario kart 7, mario land 3ds, animal crossing 3ds
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User Info: tooweak

6 years ago#5
I thnk it's to make sure they are ready, to prevent overhype backlash (Brawl, TP), and to make sure they don't have so many that people will skip a good title because an (or mutliple) mindblowing titles are due up later.
Really? You did WHAT? And said THAT? Looks like Dragon's Dogma and all the RE games just lost a sale. MM and MH are still safe, but that's it.
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