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User Info: ORANGE666

5 years ago#121
VampiricDragon_ posted...
Like I said I wasnt 100 percent sure.

white knight was co developed and co owned it seems

d arc is fully level 5 owned I am pretty sure

I don't usually use Wikipedia as a source, but it's the only place that lists all the franchises together.


What even further proves my point is that Sony developed and published WKC for PSP themselves


Level 5 came up with the idea and made Jeane D'arc but they don't even 1% of it. Similar to how they made Dark cloud 1 and 2, but Sony could just go ahead and use another studio to make the 3rd.

User Info: VampiricDragon_

5 years ago#122
Again I am not 100 percent sure.

What I know 100 percent is badman is owned by aquire (now I am after an embarrasing text) , and oudendan is not owned by nintendo, and starfy is half owned.

Camelots majority share is with nintento

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User Info: baconcow1812

5 years ago#123
trenken posted...
Megaman50100 posted...
I honestly don't understand why people feel this way.

Dragging the entire concept of the DS and Wii on too look through the 3DS and Wii U.

They used to be known for originality and creativity, not rehashing things over and over. The 3DS is so similar to the DS. How old is the DS now??? They REALLY needed to come up with something entirely different, same thing with the Wii U.

Apparently you never followed the transition of Nintendo handhelds from the original Gameboy, to the GB Pocket, then GB Color, then GBA, then GBA SP, then GB Micro, then Nintendo DS. This is common for Nintendo to tack on a small idea or change the hardware slightly. While the touch screen was "new", it ended up only being used well in a limited number of games. Most DS games I own barely use it and it ended up being best as a second screen. Welcome to knowledge. I suggest you do some proper research before saying Nintendo is known for not rehashing.
"the hell!?"
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