What is your home menu set on?

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User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#21
5 rows. All my 'apps' and cartridge slot in the first column, games almost fill the rest. Settings in the top right visible box. E3 videos about a screen over, health & safety, activity log all the way at the end. I wish there were a few extra top screen buttons (browser, etc) that could be set to whatever. I wish you could take a screenshot.
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User Info: gamerguy2800

6 years ago#22
One row and I'm good to go.
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User Info: JOJ650s

6 years ago#23
Single row, but mite do two rows.
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User Info: 1noblesix

6 years ago#24
Kayube posted...
I have four rows.

Did anyone else immediately move the health and safety information all the way to the end? I'm never going to look at that,

I did.
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