Yay, I just bought my 3DS!

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User Info: j0nb0y22

5 years ago#11


User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#12
It's a reference to the game Okami, where you play as the Sun god. Ammy is short for Amaterasu. It makes sense if you understand the reference.

Nice pic btw. lol
3DS, I have you now. :)
Proud female gamer.

User Info: Nekoakuma

5 years ago#13
nintendogger posted...
Pokemaster, I bought it a week and half ago.

FRENCH BULLDOG FTW!! I'm going to get a white husky and name her Ammy, and she shall be my little nintengod.

Haha, nice.

I got a Shiba Inu and a Maltese.

Too bad you got it a bit late though, missed out on some SpotPass content. (Though from what I've gathered, the US versions haven't given out anything that you can't already get in game)
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User Info: Turbo_TRex

5 years ago#14
blazeUP12 posted...
Congrats. Why was it only $200?

I believe it's because Canadian Wal-Marts have them on sale right now. I also got dragged to EB Games and Zellers today, and they're still selling them for $250.
"If you're gonna reason with me, come up with somethin' reasonable!" - InuYasha

User Info: IamDodongo

5 years ago#15
Welcome to the club!

User Info: DarkHeroRaven

5 years ago#16
Welcome to the herd. I mean club. Got your friend code? :)
3DS FC: 3866-8144-2758 | I am a brony. IMO: Pinkie = Applejack > Fluttershy > Rarity > Rainbow > Twilight
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