The news is that 3DS flopped and Nintendo is hurting financially.

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  3. The news is that 3DS flopped and Nintendo is hurting financially.

User Info: l-C-E

6 years ago#1
So is there any more use for this gif?
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User Info: Megaguts

6 years ago#2
Um, no it's not?
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User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#3
Rumour != news
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User Info: MetroidJunkie

6 years ago#4
You notice how people are claiming it's a flop before it's even had a chance to go with the winter holidays? How are people ignoring the hottest system selling event of the year? If parents are gonna buy kids a 3DS, it'll be on Christmas.

User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#5
They lost a good bit of money last quarter. But they're far from "hurting". They're actually in better shape than most Japanese game companies.
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User Info: MW2_Main_Menu

6 years ago#6
The 3DS hasn't been as successful as they hoped. And hell, the reason for the price drop for the 3DS was to maximize sales. But to say Nintendo is hurting is ridiculous. *points to wii and ds*
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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#7
Troll topic. Nothing to see.
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User Info: gamester_12345

6 years ago#8
i just assumed the large problem was that a lot of the games they announced during E3 wasn't even launch titles, hence you have a bunch of 3rd party titles, such as Monkey Ball, Street Fighter 4, Pilotwings and a port of Rayman 2 which even references discs in the manual.....let alone the fact that Rayman 2 was known as Rayman DS...on the DS. :o

Pricing might have somthing to do with it...wasn't it around 200 pounds or somthing in the UK at the time of release? wasn't personally sure since i swapped my DSi and a few old games to my brother for his 3DS, which he got bored of, don't worry i still have a DS Phat)

I mean it's a handheld here, its price may be justifiyed a few years ago when the Wii was near that price since everyone can play together, but a 3DS isnt really something that everyone can crowd around and share turns in a multiplayer context...unless the game inserted was like that or something.

Seems a bit dumb for nintendo to purposely avoid placing 1st party games near other 3rd party game releases because they want people to look into those too....

Ontop of my head, the only 3rd party games im waiting for is

• Cave Story 3D
• Bit.Trip Saga
• Tales of the Abyss

Though the only 1st party game im slightly curious about for the moment is Star Fox 64 3D....never played the original, the only Star Fox game i played was bored of it due to it's "strategic" and slow paced content...
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User Info: -NinjaWarrior-

6 years ago#9
TC, that gif is done. I think this one is more fitting...
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  3. The news is that 3DS flopped and Nintendo is hurting financially.

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