A question about that screen-scratching issue and screen protectors

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User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
6 years ago#1
First of all, I have Ghost Armor on my 3DS............ and its terrible! Mainly because there are two very very VERY obvious streaks/scratches across the screen due to the 3DS's bottom screen edges pressing into the protector.

I am curious if anyone else here uses Ghost Armor, and their experiences with it, if it also left this annoying issue, the 3DS basically INDENTED the screen protector permanently! I want to know if this is due to the Ghost Armor being too thick or my 3DS having a flaw:

Apparently some of the first launch models had a screen scratching (And sometimes d-pad cracking) flaw.

I heard that for those who have an issue with the 3DS leaving a streak of dust and scratches across the edges of unprotected screens, Nintendo will replace it for free, I am curious if anyone here has gotten their 3DS repaired this way, and if they have, if it continued to leave streaks in their screen protectors after it was fixed. Is there any way I can tell if my 3DS has this flaw without just taking off the screen protector and waiting several days to see if it scratches my screen? I heard its because the rubber bumpers are too thin, any way I can compare my system to see if its one of the ones with the thin bumpers?

And I know this is a long shot but: For those that have had their 3DS repaired this way, and by any chance used Ghost Armor after the repair, does it still have that issue?

Also, does Nintendo fix it, or just replace it? And if they replace it, will they transfer over all your downloaded stuff from the eShop, even stuff you got for free like excitebike? Do you need to plug the original SD card back in?

Thank You
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User Info: szunega

6 years ago#2
bump for you because it's actually an intresting question.

User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#3
I'm curious as well, since I'm now through 2 different screen protectors after initially noticing minor scratches (first portable I've forgotten to get a screen protector with) and so I could really go for one with bumpers that actually do something.
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