Wow E-shop is disappointing

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User Info: the_cajun88

6 years ago#11
From: thundercat2600 | #010
Yeah man, how DARE you want some good games to play right now. Just because you spent $250 on a 3DS, you think that means you're entitled to have good games? It takes a long time to release a ROM of a 20-year-old game. Just shut your god damn mouth and play OoT for the 7,000th time.

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User Info: Eoin

6 years ago#12
niels200683 posted...
No, read the message from spotpass, the video on e-shop and the nintendo website: The NES games will be available for download STARTING on September 1... they never stated all of these will be available on 9-1


We're still going to see plenty of topics from people on September 1st though, complaining that there are only one (or perhaps two) NES games on the eShop.

I think many people don't realise how slowly we're going to get the 20 free games. If you assume that we get 1 game per week most weeks, and two games per week occasionally (like Christmas and maybe the first week of the offer), then that fits completely into the vague "by the end of 2011" schedule that Nintendo informed us of. There's 18 Thursdays between September 1st and the end of the year (inclusive), so 1 per week sounds about right.

The sad thing is that we're going to see people complaining about this even though it's better this way - one game per week is something new to play every week, whereas big piles of games would only mean that people ignored most of them in favour of the big names.

User Info: thundercat2600

6 years ago#13
Nintendo likes to space out the releases. That way, every week their fanboys give them more free hype about how awesome it is to purchase Mario 2 for the 47th time.
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