How's the MP3 player?

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User Info: brainfreeze10

6 years ago#1
And the internet browser? I originally wanted a Vita for that but if it's missing the holiday there's no way I can get it. SO, yeah, non-fanboy responses please :)
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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#2
Internet Browser is ok. Can be slow but it's doable. Dont know about the music option since I dont use it.
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User Info: lockheart47

6 years ago#3
Mp3 player is too quiet, games are perfect.. i don't understand why nobody tested the output. and the internet browser is quite fast much better then psp/dsi, can't load videos but does good with most other things

User Info: so64

6 years ago#4
Music player is pretty okay. It has a karaoke mode.
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User Info: TheSPP

6 years ago#5
Works fine IMO.
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User Info: Puese

6 years ago#6
i just got my 3DS yesteday so i havent tested them too much. I would say both are better than the PSP browser and music player... but i have an iphone which completely stomps the 3DS versions.

However, i really like how you can tweek the playback on mp3s... different pitches and speeds.

User Info: PoodlePlant

6 years ago#7
The MP3 player isn't bad, the web browser is better than the dsi one but if you have a smart phone you're better off using it
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#8
The music player works fine. I've got two major gripes with it though, that it reloads the folders each time you open the program and the poor organization.It does let you store the music in any folder on your SDHC card, up to two deep and 99 tracks per folder.

So a maximum of 32GB without having to carry around a second memory card with you (2GB if your cheap and just use the stick that comes with the system) and simply copying over to the SDHC card makes it easy to use.

I think it's fine in all. But Sony did a better job with the PSP in this regard.

As for the web browser, I've hardly had a reason to use it. Fairly easy to type on, unlike that for the PSP and seems to load about the same quality of pages. Excellent for looking up FAQs while inside a game since 3Ds games can suspend while you take a photo, make notes, or use the web browser.
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User Info: PhantomSword

6 years ago#9
^So doesn't it mean that it's unlikely that your messages are posted from your 3DS?
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User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

6 years ago#10
They are both ok but my android phone is much faster. The mp3 player should be louder. Games have proven it could be.
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