DSiWare games I should get

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User Info: Lord_Diablo13

6 years ago#1
Here's what I got

Inchworm Animation
Shantae: Risky's Revenge
Prehistorik Man(Big mistake)
Dark Void Zero
Army Defender
Mighty Flip Champs
Photo Dojo
Cave Story
Soul of Darkness
Anonymous Notes 1
Anonymous Notes 2
Plants vs Zombies
Mighty Milky Way

Anything else I should get?
I welcome the Eternal Dark Age of Gaming.

User Info: PeskyBOI43

6 years ago#2
Unless you don't already have Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3 Minis March Again
you should buy that

User Info: Number43

6 years ago#3
Mario Vs Donkey Kong
the Art Style series
Starship Defense

User Info: theabomination

6 years ago#4
X-Scape is a damn good game.
'You want more play time, put it in the system and play it again.' -Canine Philosopher

User Info: OverlordAlik

6 years ago#5
Man wish 3DS would get some DL games >.>
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User Info: Tony76339

6 years ago#6
You should get Bomberman Blitz!
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