Why do people want Golden Sun as an ambassador game?

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User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#71
Why would we have to choose between Mother 3 and Golden Sun, when there is no way in Hell that Mother 3 could be chosen? Also, who said that all of us GS "wanters?" don't also want Mother 3?

At least Golden Sun has a decent chance of getting in.
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User Info: Shadow_Chaos90

6 years ago#72
Cave_Lion posted...
Golden Sun has no redeeming features (save for possibly the PSI puzzle

So far you have done nothing to support your arguments well. Battle system is the best thing about the game, it's not outdated like some of the traditional games and the Djin system worked really well, it's fast paced and very well designed especially for a GBA game. Summons are also very wel done and better than most 2D games i've seen. . Saying it's "flashy" sounds really stupid and is not an argument..

Characters are dull? why? The game doesn't have an amazing story...again, what JRPG does? I can name maybe 2-3 that do rest of them are above average . JRPG's in general have the same damn story. GS was a great game because it had a great battle system with tons of things to do. Who cares if it was more popular because of being one of the first original RPG's on GBA? That's where the standards were back then. IT's a classic game for the GBA library and people would love to have it in their collection. Me personally i don't want it UNLESS both GS games are on it;..they are basically 21 big game seperated into 2 and i liked TLA better.

If GS shouldn't be in then a lot of other games shouldn't. It was the most popular original RPG on DS and If Nintendo were going purely by populairty and genre it would be in it. If you wanna piss and moan then that's your own problem.

Also tell me what RPG's you like because i want to know these amazing JRGP's with amazing stories and characters. Please do not say Pokemon.

Pretty much every Atlus JRPG has a great story. The whole Shin Megami Tensei line and what not.
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User Info: Big_Isaac

6 years ago#73
you know what? just because I'm really bored right now, I AM going to respond

I know you are going to read this, even though you won't admit it. You're going to read this hoping to find something you can insult me with.
failing that, you'll just pretend you didn't read it and write another poorly worded, childish PM rant.

I find it hilarious how you seem to draw such joy from the fact that I missed the part of your post. yeah, you said you were gonna block me. I overlooked it.
how sad must your life be to interpret that as a victory?

as for the language thing. guess what. English is not my mother tongue. I'm confident in my english skills and you repeatedly making fun of whatever minor mistake I make every once in a while won't change that. again, how sad and pathetic must you be to grab straws like this?

now, go ahead. write another angry, stupid and childish rant. I can't wait to see it
waiting for Golden Sun 3DS
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