Just bought my nephew a 3DS

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User Info: L0L_FAQ

6 years ago#1
I bought it at Best Buy and they said that they will ONLY give me the price match if I have not downloaded the free games.

My question here is this: the way I enroll for the ambassador program is to simply log into the eShop by August 12th, that much is clear. The customer service chick said that they'd check your 3DS and and sales guy said they communicate with Nintendo to see if you've enrolled. Is there ACTUALLY any way for them to know I've signed up for the Ambassador Program? I'd love for my nephew to have the 20 free games as well as get $80 back for a couple of games. I'm already an ambassador but I just wanted to check to see if they were bullcraping me on that.
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User Info: lizard81288

6 years ago#2
I don't think so, unless its on the SD card. So only nintendo can check.
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User Info: cha0s zer0

cha0s zer0
6 years ago#3
pretty sure they can't check, also the requirements for being an ambassador is just logging on to eshop before the deadline

User Info: GM_

6 years ago#4
I don't see how they can prove if you've enrolled in the ambassador's club or not. All you have to do is simply log onto the eshop and that's it. Don't download any games. The employee's there won't know that the eshop must be installed via an update. But I'd listen to other opinions first before you do anything.
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User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#5
My best buy said none of this. I'm going in on the 9th to price match, assuming Walmart really does lower their price.
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User Info: ORANGE666

6 years ago#6
When you register for the Eshop, what registers is your console. The ambassador program is for the Eshop

The code on the box of your 3DS is related to the Eshop since the Eshop registers it

All they would do is scan the box and would be able to figure out if you registered the console and if you registered for the program from that

User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#7
Oh, and I definently think that is a violation to privacy, and I will turn into a mega ***** if they try anything. *growls*
I will always be able to chop onions in Wii Party faster than you. Always.
Proud female gamer.

User Info: kfcsnacker

6 years ago#8
Take a picture of your junk in 3D and show it to the bestbuy guy. See if he's in the mood to argue with you now.
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User Info: Playsaver

6 years ago#9
well since you can't download any of the free games till at least september 1, then that best buy guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Try someone else there or buy somewhere else.

User Info: 1shadetail1

6 years ago#10
Joke/troll topic.
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