What game should I get off eshop?

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User Info: ShadowsOfDusk

6 years ago#1
I bought a $20 card and I got Link's Awakening. I was thinking of getting...
1. Dr. Mario
2. Bomberman Blitz
3. Kirby Dreamland

Are there any other games I should get off eshop? Can you guys recommend me some? =D
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User Info: jfitz1982

6 years ago#2
Puzzle Quest.
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User Info: Balthor 2001

Balthor 2001
6 years ago#3
Shantae: Risky's Revenge
Soul of Darkness
Pro Jumper
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User Info: ShadowsOfDusk

6 years ago#4
Got Link's Awakening, Dreamland, and Dr. Mario, 5 bucks left thinking of Bomberman...
GT: CrimsonPyroX

User Info: mjc0961

6 years ago#5
Donkey Kong.
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User Info: curryandrice

6 years ago#6
Donkey Kong

User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#7
Not a wise choice. You should have waited for some more feedback. You should have gotten Shantae: Risky's Revenge with your remaining cash. You would have had $2 left. Kirby's Dreamland wasn't worth it and Shantae beats both Dr. Mario and Bomberman. Oh well, just get Shantate next time you put more money on the eshop.
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

6 years ago#8
you should get bomberman so you can have ALL the games you listed
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User Info: No_Name_Steve

6 years ago#9
strongo9 posted...
Not a wise choice... Kirby's Dreamland wasn't worth it

All a matter of opinion mate. Kirby's Dreamland is so far the only VC title I own and think it's awesome. Loved it since I was little.

I would reccomend getting Photo Dojo or Dragon Quest Wars. These are more for the occasional 5 minute time filler however.

User Info: KGTrigger

6 years ago#10
Kirby's Dreamland is awful.
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