All Ubisoft 3DS Games $17.00 at Target

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User Info: megaman3ds

5 years ago#1
In addition to Ghost Recon which has already been mentioned, every other Ubisoft game for 3DS is $17.00 as well at Target

This includes:

Raving Rabbids
Rayman 3D
Asphalt 3D
Splinter Cell
Combat of Giants Dinosaurs
Petz Fantasy
Cubic Ninja

Most of these have gotten mixed reviews, but for $17.00 it may be worthwhile. I only picked up Ghost Recon though.

Also, I deeply apologize to all those on this board who paid full price for these games. I hope none of you are "disgusted" that we took advantage of the "wait until a game goes on sale loophole" and hopefully Ubisoft and Target will forgive us for the $22.00 we "cheated" them out of. /sarcasm

User Info: darkqueenhelba

5 years ago#2
Even at just $17 I have no intentions of buying/playing any of these games.
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User Info: Zappmaster

5 years ago#3
I'd get Cubic Ninja but I don't live in the US
Definitely getting Ghost Recon, I've heard nothing but good things about it.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

5 years ago#5
I may get Rayman. I hear it's meh but I like 3d platformers
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User Info: BlackPhoenix127

5 years ago#6
If I had money I'd pick up Splinter Cell.
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iammaxhailme posted...
I may get Rayman. I hear it's meh but I like 3d platformers

Rayman 2 is a great game. From what I've heard this is just a meh port of it.
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User Info: Untitled108

5 years ago#8
Ghost Recon is the only one thats worth the cash. The rest is crap.
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User Info: grans

5 years ago#9
I can only speak for Rayman. But i will say that if you can find another version of it, likely chance is that it's considerably better than the 3DS port. The 3DS version is essentially the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2 with a much lower and unstable framerate, glitchy visuals and sound, removed lighting effects, and other such technical issues that should have been ironed out with a little more time. Great game, bad and very lazy port. The 3DS is very capable of running the original version perfectly, Ubisoft dropped the ball and rushed it out the door.

As it stands, if you can find any of the following versions of Rayman 2, i would highly recommend you get them instead of the 3DS port- Dreamcast, PC, PS2. They're all superior versions. I can especially recommend the PS2 version as i personally feel it's the best. The PC version has had issues running on newer PC's and OSes recently, but GOG (website) recently posted a version for downloadable purchase for something like $5 or so which runs on even newer PC's. And then of course, the Dreamcast version is a fan loved favorite version of the game. The 3DS version is a direct port of the DC version, though the DC version doesn't suffer from any of the technical issues i mentioned the 3DS version has. Besides that, the two versions are identical.

Unless you value portability or the 3D effect (which is great ingame, but rather terrible in cutscenes and other scenes), i would very much recommend skipping the 3DS port of Rayman 2 altogether. There are three far superior versions available, all of which you can get for considerably less money. Again, i highly recommend the PS2 version. It has the most content and the nicest visuals of them all IMO. Plus it has a really lovely and fully explorable world map. DC is a runner up, then PC. PC can run at the highest resolution of them all, so it gets some credit there.

Ubisoft's early 3DS games seem to be rather bad. I've heard nothing but criticism of pretty much all of them (besides Ghost Recon). Critics and fans especially dislike Splinter Cell.
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User Info: tfalco

5 years ago#10
None of those games can be as disappointing as TF: Stealth force edition was..... I got it before reading any reviews because all i wanted was to play with a transformable robot..... then after playing it past the 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage.......only to realize that I couldn't transform in a robot made me cry plus that there is only 2 hours worth of game play and its not even fun........ I paid 40 dollars for it too..... how can Nintendo allow such garbage..... they must laugh at the top? if i had read reviews first I wouldn't have bought it.... Avoid this game.
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