All Ubisoft 3DS Games $17.00 at Target

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User Info: ecco6t9

6 years ago#21
I think I'm going to try and get Cubic Ninja tomorrow.
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User Info: Jrx1

6 years ago#22
The Dinosaur game is pretty cool too. I hate how everyone ignores it -__-. Atleast it's fun for some time.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

6 years ago#23
I want Dinosaurs but don't want to pay full price for it. I'd get it at $17 but Canada doesn't have Target (yet. they are coming later) so I'm out of luck.
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User Info: panama_chief

6 years ago#24
Quantity over quality huh? You can better Ubisoft. Lots better.
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User Info: Baron_Lamberto

6 years ago#25
First-hand, both Tom Clancy games are worth 17.

34 dollars for two good games?! C'mon!
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