i have never played a zelda game.

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User Info: NoPointMade

5 years ago#31
I was on same boat as you TC, now I got OoT fever. Get it get it get it. You won't regret it.

User Info: Dragonyeuw

5 years ago#32
If you can overlook the graphics, try out 'Link to the past' first...

User Info: SShredder565

5 years ago#33
Pokefilm posted...
hmm but how long would oot last me

If it's your first Zelda game, probably a long time. I've played Zelda's before, so I'm used to all the puzzles this game threw at me. And it still took me 72 hours to 100% complete. I took my time on some parts, but it lasted me quite a long time. The best part was that the game was so good that I wanted to start another file. And then you can unlock Master Quest after beating the normal Quest. This mode is mirrored, has you take double damage, and apparently changes the puzzles in the dungeons completely. This game is a fantastic time sink.

I'm not too far in my second file yet, and I haven't started Master Quest, but I'm pretty depressed that I've spent so much time on this one game over the summer >_>
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  3. i have never played a zelda game.

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