Graphics Comparison between 3DS and PSP platformers.

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User Info: Gold Ursaring

Gold Ursaring
6 years ago#101
So we've got pictures of one game that's a work in progress of a system that's less then a year old, compared to a later release game of a different system and manipulation has to be used to make the comparisons believable?

User Info: grans

6 years ago#102

From: IniMiney | #099

Um, dude....seriously. Why are you posting a shot of a 3DS game being rendered at three times the size of the 3DS' actual effective resolution? Also looks like you purposefully chose a shot that happened to be captured and saved with massive amounts of dithering (which doesn't appear in any other screen or on the real system). Try this instead, and don't pull that crap anymore-

Mercs wouldn't have been possible on the PSP btw. And try blowing up PSP games 3 times their normal resolution and see if they're still at all nice looking. lol
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: MetroidJunkie

6 years ago#103

To compare, here's one of the better looking PSP games. Still doesn't exactly hold a candle to Mercenaries 3D, especially in terms of raw detail.
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