Don't think I can see the 3D effect. Should I still bother getting this?

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  3. Don't think I can see the 3D effect. Should I still bother getting this?

User Info: sejan12

6 years ago#11
I was sorely disappointed when I first tried a 3DS on a store demo unit. A few months later, when zelda oot 3d came out, I bought it on a whim. I hadn't had a new handheld since the GBA, and figured I needed to catch up with the times. When I took it home and was able to spend more time with it, the 3D got better, easier to see, and less straining on my eyes. Now it offers a level of graphical detail and fidelity that I find superior to any other system.

Just remember, it is similar to those old magic eye pictures, it takes some time and effort for your eyes/brain to be trained to perceive it correctly, but when it does, it is a breath taking experience.
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User Info: laxnd23

6 years ago#12
I would still get it but honestly I would wait until better games start coming out. Unless you enjoy the games out now. Frankly, none of the games out right now need 3D. That isn't to say they are not good. Plus there are plenty of other things that the 3DS can do that the DSi cannot.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

6 years ago#13
If you have no interest in the DS/lite's backwards compatability to the GBA, then get a 3DS soon it'll cost roughly the same as the DSiXL. Some might say you're better of with the DSiXL, but I'd say you'd want the one that is more forwards compatable (I saw forwards compatible as there are no good 3DS games yet). Both play DS games just fine.

If you want the GBA component then stick to DS brick/lite
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#14
thundercat2600 posted...
You're not missing out on much.

And do you really need to ask? The only good game is a port of a 14-year-old N64 game.

don't listen to stuff like this. they always forget that 3 marios and kid icarus and metal gear and star fox and sonic generations are going to hit before the end of the year and luigis mansion 2, kingdom heart super smash bros, and nija gaiden plus others are coming in the future.

also good games out nowOOT3D, ghost recon shadow wars, DOA, SSFIV, pilotwings, pacman and galaga dimesions, etc.

Yes its worth it at the 170$ price I own 1 and have spent 240 hours using it its well worth it if a DSI XL is worth the 170$ then a 3ds is worth MORE then 170$.
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User Info: gbafreak55

6 years ago#15
I cannot see the 3D either ,but I picked it up at launch. Great system, and it is not juts about the 3D. Keep in mind that you can turn the 3D off. There are good games with a ton coming. It is alos completely backwards compatible with the entire DS library.

User Info: boades

6 years ago#16
Hmmm, any idea how much do I get for a DSi at Gamestop?
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  3. Don't think I can see the 3D effect. Should I still bother getting this?

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