The Five Biggest Flaws with the Nintendo 3DS

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User Info: Mario_Bones

6 years ago#41
You should see the Australian ads *shudders*
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User Info: Bendilin

6 years ago#42
Show 'em.
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User Info: Grandy12

6 years ago#43
VIC10U5 posted...
Bendilin posted...
Hay_Stack posted...
Obvious troll is obvious.

You mean yourself?

Not only do your thumbs have to swivel over 35 degrees to even reach the buttons, but because they're hidden under a flat STICKER, a freaking STICKER, there's practically no tactile feedback whatsoever. You usually have to look down after your thumb missed the button two or three times to actually see where it is so you can press it. You also have to apply considerably more pressure to use the three buttons than you do any other button on the system. It's a huge inconvenience and only makes playing games more difficult.

The Start and Select buttons should have been placed where the power button is, the home button should have been placed on the opposite side of where the power button is, and the power button should have been a switch like it was on the DSlite.


My exact reaction.
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