Trust me I used to OWN Virtual Boys, and 3DS = 20x better

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User Info: BurgerTime79

6 years ago#51
Moondoggie35 posted...
good luck with the gundam game, last one that poped up on ebay was around $5000

I'm not going for the Japanese releases. Just the US ones :p
We need NO 3rd party characters in the upcoming Smash Bros!

User Info: MizuhoChama

6 years ago#52
Foofyhead posted...
XciteMe posted...
Foofyhead posted...
Virtual BOYS? Why would anyone buy 1, let alone, more than one?

It was fun?

So was the NES, the SNES, every other console out there, and yet, I doubt many people had more than 1.

I have two SNES, 2 GB, 2 GBA, 2 DS Lite, 3 N64. And 3 Game Gears.

Though to make me seem less... whatever it is you think I am, I have PAL, NTSC SNES, someone gave me their GB, I bought a GBA for cheap because it was the Zelda one, I have a spare DS Lite to keep my Zelda one in good condition and the N64, I bought a second for the power supply, since I thought the first was broken and the third is a Pikachu one.

...Because it's a Pikachu one.

Also, 3 Game Gears because my first one's screen was a little broken and I bought a package thing that came with two.
Impossible is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they quit."-Vyse the Legend
PSN - MizuhoChan 3DS - 3523 2022 4853

User Info: LHS_2012

6 years ago#53
Foofyhead posted...
LHS_2012 posted...
Foofyhead posted...
Ah, but the sun can cause headaches, too. But, only if you look directly at it.

Point, don't look directly at the light in the fridge. Also, if you're looking at it that long (with door open), you'll have a bigger headache (when you pay the bill).

Everything causes bodily harm, eventually.

Pieces of paper, shoes, fingers, lettuce, people.

You can get headaches from the light of the sun as well. Even the heat.

That's what I just said............

Read the first sentence in my last post.

You said only if you look directly at it. By "the light of the sun" I mean you can get a headache looking at anything in daylight.
Just look at all those Whos down at Whoville, singing, dancing, enjoying their games! ~ Grandy12
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  3. Trust me I used to OWN Virtual Boys, and 3DS = 20x better

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