Ok starting the loophole tomorrow morning.

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User Info: Slipknot2430

6 years ago#1
I have already confirmed with both Best Buy and Target if they price match. I even mentioned to them about a price drop that Nintendo fully announced. Best Buy says I have 30 days to price match and Target told me 14 days and all I would have to bring in with me is my receipt. Both of them were aware of the price drop and told me they have to abide by their store policy.

So the question isn't if we can price match anymore because the obvious answer is yes. Most will price match. I think Game Stop may be the only major retailer that wont... There may be more I don't know. But the real question is will those who price match get the 20 free games still. I will keep this board informed as I'm sure a lot of others who try it will as well as to if it worked for them. Honestly I could care less if Nintendo gives me the free 20 games because the system is for my son and I already have mine that will be getting the free games so worst case scenario we can share the memory card or whatever so we both can play them for free.

I will also try and give pics of my receipt, price match receipt pic and even the serial # just so you know I'm not lying or anything.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#2
But it's also obvious that you will get the free games if you log into the eshop before august 11 at 11:59 since Nintendo said so. So there really should be no question that the loophole works.

User Info: Uiru

6 years ago#3
You won't be able to share them via SD card.

Everything else is correct, though. As long as you visit the shop with the new unit before the price drop, you're golden.

User Info: Slipknot2430

6 years ago#4
Ok so I just purchased an Aqua blue 3DS from my local Best Buy and will be logging onto the eShop in just a few moments. I double confirmed with Best Buy about the price matching and the manager did say yes they have to price match it down.
I'm mainly doing this topic for those who were in another topic saying Nintendo might block anyone who price matches their system and tries to get the free 20 games. Plus there was a lot of argument saying Nintendo might give word to retail stores not to allow price matching(which Nintendo can't control that since they already got their money for the system anyways.) So this topic is to prove we can do the price matching and possibly get the 20 free games which I'm fairly certain wont be a problem.

As for the memory card thing I didn't think you could share SD cards which is lame, but worse case scenario he can always just play them on my 3DS.
Arizona needs a professional soccer team!

User Info: Slipknot2430

6 years ago#5
Well I can already tell that people doing the loophole will get the money on top of the free games. I just updated my sons 3ds and did the eshop thing and I already have a message saying I am an Ambassador. So those who argued against saying it may not work or what have you... Were proven wrong.

Oh and since my local Wal Mart already dropped their price of the 3DS to $170 I'm going right now to price match it.
Arizona needs a professional soccer team!

User Info: coldwine

6 years ago#6
Well there was never any doubt that everyone can get the free games as long as you do what is required. People (kids? squid?) have been making up all sorts of crazy stuff that doesn't make sense.

The only stipulation is:

"Only Nintendo 3DS systems purchased and connected to the Nintendo eShop or systems that have performed a system update before 11:59pm Eastern August 11th, 2011 will be eligible to receive the free games."

There's obviously nothing about price requirements.
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User Info: Broncav

6 years ago#7
I just created a topic a few minutes ago about my experience trying to do a price match at Best Buy:

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User Info: Slipknot2430

6 years ago#8
I'm gonna go as soon as my son wakes up from his nap so I can take him with me. But I didn't have a doubt in my mind that it wouldn't work.
Arizona needs a professional soccer team!
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