ATTN: New (and old) 3DS owners interested in DOA...

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User Info: MrBanballow

5 years ago#1
... notifications have been sent out that Tecmo will be doing another round of the free Costume DLC starting next Monday (8/15). I just got the game last week, so this pleases me as I thought I had missed out on it. Good idea to grab it while you can.
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Started: October 5, 2008

User Info: kickyourass2112

5 years ago#2
Yeah, saw this elsewhere earlier. I didn't even know that there were limited-time-only costumes, but I wanted the game anyway, so will probably buy a copy this week or next Monday.
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User Info: niels200683

5 years ago#3
It actually seemed like a cool bonus for early adopters of the game... but if they repeat it every other month - it kind of defeats that purpose...

Still, early adopters got some figurines new adopters can't get... until the spotpass battle repeat next year...
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Prince Shondronai 5 years ago#4
C'mon Zero Suit Kasumi!
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  3. ATTN: New (and old) 3DS owners interested in DOA...

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