Radiant Historia 2

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

5 years ago#1
Make it happen.
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User Info: LordAndrew

5 years ago#2
I hate you.
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User Info: Oximofo

5 years ago#3
Hell yea.
Legendary Loser GT: Oximofo9 PSN: oximofo9

User Info: PSI_IKE

5 years ago#4
Do want
Some used to call me Inferior. Others call me PK Ike. But you can just call me Ike.

User Info: Zero97

5 years ago#5
Yes! with voice acting? Maybe.....

User Info: DarkOmegaWeapon

5 years ago#6
Hell yes
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User Info: NewportBox100s

5 years ago#7
no voice acting please

User Info: moogle69

5 years ago#8
yup yup yup.
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