any word on Flipnote Studio coming to 3DS?

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  3. any word on Flipnote Studio coming to 3DS?

User Info: blood_bender

6 years ago#1
i wouldn't mind if they just brought the DSiWare version to the eShop, but i would rather a new 3DS enhanced version.

i don't suppose there's any word on Flipnote Studio being released to 3DS owners soon, is there? i really wanna participate in the Zelda 25th Anniversary contest.
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User Info: hypermoe

6 years ago#2
Not sure how reailable it was but i remember someone stating on either Wikipedia or something that around late Aug, early Sept. we would see a 3d version of Flip Note.
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User Info: jayman7

6 years ago#3

Flipnote Studio cannot be transferred to the Nintendo 3DS system. Nintendo will be developing a similar application for the Nintendo 3DS.
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User Info: LucarioLatiosDS

6 years ago#4
Someone said they heard from Wikipedia that it would be the 25th, but I remember reading an article that said that it would be release b4 the 14th.
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  3. any word on Flipnote Studio coming to 3DS?

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