Poll: Aqua Blue or Flair Red; Why?

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User Info: ZXlegends822

5 years ago#1
Go. i cant decide...

User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#2
I have blue, and if you want to buy now, go blue. If you don't want to buy now, and are waiting, then red FOR SURE.
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User Info: Soccer009

5 years ago#4
neither i say black because its one complete color not two colors...then again I'm biased if you want it now get blue if you can wait a month or two get red
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User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#5
Red is nicer.

Plus, to me, Nintendo's logo never stopped being red. I bought a black one, though, since I prefer it to the blue.
Second Chances sure are great. It's nice to be back, GameFAQs.

User Info: LtColKilgore79

5 years ago#6
Flame Red (in America) will probably fix the hardware issues present with the black and blue 3DS. I'm holding out for red.
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User Info: Mario788

5 years ago#7
I want Flare Red so bad, but I don't want to give up the free games and lose $100 for selling a 3DS I bought at 249.99. AND add 169.99 for another 3DS.

User Info: blazeUP12

5 years ago#8
Red, cause it's my favorite color
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User Info: PeskyBOI43

5 years ago#9
Aqua Blue if you want one really bad
Flare Red if you can wait
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User Info: General_Dodanna

5 years ago#10
man... if you guys really hate your colors go to decalgirl or another skin site and order on up lol
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