~POLL: How many Streetpass Mii's do you have?~

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User Info: Martiin51

6 years ago#1
Not how many tags you have. How many actual Mii's do you have? (and possibly where you reside)

I have 26. I'm in central California.

But like 3 of those are from demo units at target/gamestop lol
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User Info: so64

6 years ago#2
1. And I live in Kansas City Missouri...
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User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#3
1. West of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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User Info: Mega_Pitch

6 years ago#4

Two relatives, and one from a display unit at GameStop. The rest are legit.
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User Info: willywu2

6 years ago#5
7 in Iowa :b
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User Info: StupidGenius

6 years ago#6
2 in Edmonton Alberta.

User Info: Enigma149

6 years ago#7
3 in central Tennessee.

User Info: panama_chief

6 years ago#8
17 miis. I'm in bed with the wife watching the Mexico/USA soccer game(go Mexico), so here are some facts...

Im in South Florida
Most distant Mii I've met is from Ontario, Canada. 2 of them actually.

8 of them have on Mario hats
5 have no hats
2 have red pikmin hats
1 bowser mask
1 samus helmet

6 like cats
6 like dogs
5 have nothing selected

11 of 17 have been playing System Settings the most......wtf?

7 of their hobbies is playing video games

Only 1 of them wants to get fit.....
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User Info: biggy204

6 years ago#9
I got 98 since Launch and about 153 mii plaza Tags (most due to one persons Mii showing up over 10 times already). I live in western Canada. Vancouver to be exact.
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User Info: CaptainRandom1

6 years ago#10
1 in small desert town in Washington
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