can I get an unbiased answer?

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User Info: Botnus912

6 years ago#11
I wanted to try out Master Quest and all of the graphical improvements, and also HAVe a game for my 3Ds. If I wanted to play the original, I have the GC promo disc.

User Info: IamDodongo

6 years ago#12
Get OoT!

Persona 3 is a great game, but OoT has much more exploration and the world has more depth to it. Also, it's prettier lol.

User Info: theshoveller

6 years ago#13
Lost_Seraph09 posted...
I say get OoT first, then afterwards get P3P, or better yet get P3FES or P4

If you have a PS2 or a backwards-compatible PS3, I'd say get P3:FES over P3 Portable - it's that much better. Seriously, just look on Youtube for one of the earliest cutscenes from the PS2 version, think it's something like Orpheus Awakening. Makes for a way more cinematic experience.

User Info: Slipknot2430

6 years ago#14
I recommend getting OoT if you feel like you can still enjoy the game. I actually own 3 copies of this game(N64,Gamecube version included in Zelda's collection, and 3DS version.) Once I beat the 3DS version I plan on selling it either back to GameStop or unless someone wants to buy it through paypal for $27... If you have already played and beatten OoT then just play the game that you haven't played before and get OoT used off ebay or gamestop.
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