After seeing the boxart for Avenging Spirit...

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User Info: MechaKoopa5000

6 years ago#11
I keep comparing the 2 boxarts and cracking up. This is bad... I'm at work. The US one is so intense.

User Info: thedicemaster

6 years ago#12
_Unowninator_ posted...
What I still want to know is what the gameplay is like? And what you're supposed to do? The description on the e-shop only tells me the game's story.

it's a platformer.
you take possession of a body, and gain it's abilities.
you then have to play through several platformer levels.
if you get hit too much the body dies, and you turn into a ghost again.
if this happens you lose some ghost energy, and it keeps draining until you take over another body.
you have to reach the end of the stage, and beat the boss, before you run out of ghost energy.

it's best to preserve ghost energy for the bosses, since they deal damage directly to you, and not to the body you took over.

User Info: MechaKoopa5000

6 years ago#13

User Info: VampireRonin

6 years ago#14
This game is actually pretty cool. It's like a platformer where you control a ghost, but while you are in ghost form you lose life so you have to fly over to an enemy and assume control of their body. If the person you're controlling dies, you have to hurry and enter the body of another enemy before the ghost loses its hp.

I understand people's frustrations that are waiting for particular games, but the thing I like about VC is that it exposes me to games I probably never would have played or heard about.

People need to be more open minded about it!
"Time to fry, yeah, FRY BABY!!!"
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