Launch day buyers...has the "newness feeling" worn off already for you?

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User Info: OoSubaruoO

6 years ago#21
Killeryoshi8 posted...
trizznilla posted...
The newness of the 3D has worn off, but the system itself keeps me playing it. I use the browser a lot, the game notes as a grocery list, the 3D camera. Pandora and youtube apps would make my day.

There are thousands of apps for phones to make grocery lists, and you make one on the 3DS?

I really recommend doing it on a smartphone, because you always carry one with you anyway.

Every time, someone always has to manage to mention smartphones on a 3DS board.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

6 years ago#22
raymanfan1 posted...
gamezrochard posted...
Dropped it for the first time today. Well, it was in my lap, and I stood up and it hit concrete. Felt super scared, but oh well. I'm sending it into nintendo soon anyways. The touch screen bumps collide with the top screen, screwing up the whole thing. Like, a square shaped scratch alone my upper screen. When it comes back, I'm sure the spark will come back.

Umm... that design flaw affects every 3DS that I know of. If you expect Nintendo to fix that problem, then you are essentially asking them to fix a (bad) intended design choise.

You do know that Nintendo actually WILL fix it for you, as a way of fixing their bad design flaw. So expect it because they do.
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User Info: nofxcracker

6 years ago#23
In May it did, but then the updates brought it all back. I'm back to using it pretty much every day.
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User Info: ian2093

6 years ago#24
It hasn't really worn off because there hasn't been an explosion of good games yet, and not very many people have one. Right now it feels like the 3DS is still in beta testing, and I was one of the lucky ones who got chosen to test it.
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User Info: hydradragon

6 years ago#25
Not really since it's a paperweight for me & I knew that buying it. Maybe when I get a game, I will get that new console joy. Until then, I use it to browse the internet and nothing more.
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User Info: andizzle29662

6 years ago#26
Im pleased with the 3ds but I agree it needs work. The eshop just rehashes the same dsiware games but with new little backgrounds to give the ilusion that everything is "new". 3 new releases a week is bad. The nintendo video is lame at best. I wish we can get a youtube app. Im looking forward to the holiday season so I can get my hands on super mario land 3d and mario kart 7!! Mario never gets old to me:)
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User Info: deathsaber79

6 years ago#27
The thing just sits on my coffee table, just begging for me to feed it games- just waiting until Devil Survivor later this month, then the big stuff come the holidays.

User Info: GogglesFrog

6 years ago#28
having only ONE game for it, I don't feel like I've even properly tapped into the newness that the system brings to the table.

In 6 months its gonna be a rollercoaster of good game times.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#29
ShadowkhNinja posted...
you know when you buy a new electronic product it keeps a new feeling for the first few months that you have it.
you clean it every day, are careful of scratching it and treat it like its god.
Then after a few months you treat it the same way you treat your older stuff and you might not always clean it, care about scratches etc..

Mine is just starting to lose the newness feeling for me and I have had it since launch day.

How about you?

i got mine on the 14th of may and still nowhere near fading :D
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