For Nintendo Ambassadors....

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User Info: gamerguy2800

5 years ago#51
$80 > 20 free games.
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User Info: Gamechamp3k

5 years ago#52
The 80 bucks; while I am fine with owning digital copies of games, I prefer physical copies and would gladly pay the extra cash it would take to get those, especially since then I'd be able to play them all on a TV (you haven't played a GBA game till you've played it on a Game Boy Player <3) Kuro-channnnnnn... <3

User Info: CHOVI3

5 years ago#53
I'd choose the games.

User Info: OmegaZero633

5 years ago#54
Stefan1277 posted...
I didn't "lose" 80 dollars. I payed what I had to for my handheld, I'm quite happy with it, very happy with it actually and I have absolutely no regrets on my purchase. Unlike most gamers these days and, of course, message board users, I don't like to demand and demand and complain about everything and cry and cry in hopes for my demands to be met.

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User Info: the_cajun88

5 years ago#55
I agree with Stefan1277, too.

I paid $250 + the cost of the games I bought, and I'm not upset at all. Gaming is a hobby, not a necessary expense. I love seeing poor people complain about how much something costs like they will never see any more money again.
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User Info: MrBanballow

5 years ago#56
I would be more than happy to take my $80 back from NOA.

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User Info: Playsaver

5 years ago#57
I'd like nintendo to give those of us that had been on the e-shop or updated our firmware, before the annoucement of the ambassador program. a few more games of each system type. As compensation for being on the same lvl as people that managed to get thier 3ds for the 170 price before the 12th of august. We people that still payed the 249.99 price should still get something extra other then the exiteabike 3d classic.

User Info: Sonic2Shadow

5 years ago#58
Oximofo posted...

careface. Get scammed, idk. They have no value to me because I didn't want to play these games when they came out. Plus i've played a lot of those games, especially the NES games.

He asked to me. If you want to pay 90bucks for a 3 hour long platformer because someone told you Kirby is good. Good for you. Also now since there is a way to get them. The price will drop exponentially, just ask FF7-9 and Xenogears.

Thats why I didn't mention the NES games, those aren't worth very much, especially in terms of how much value they hold in the gameplay. The GBA games however hold a lot of value, and the Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is a lot longer than 3 hours, especially if you plan on doing everything. Nightmare in Dreamland, closer to 3 hours since it's a remake of an NES game, but it's a high quality title.

Also, as for the "exponential" price drop, you forget, these are not only digital downloads (physical copies still retain a lot of value:, but they are also EXCLUSIVE to ambassadors. The NES games aren't, but the GBA games, only early adopters can get. Final Fantasy 7-9 are not exclusive to anyone, and they still hold much of their value for a brand new copy.
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User Info: SquareSide

5 years ago#59
I could use that $80. But I'll go with the games...
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