For those getting a 3DS this week and thinking the only game is Zelda...

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User Info: shikaka22

6 years ago#1

Available now---
>> Pilotwings Resort: Often passed over as just a Wii Sports Resort mini-game, this game is just as great as the N64 version and just as long. A lot of people burn through the game just to "beat" missions, completely missing the point of a Pilotwings game from SNES to N64 has always been to perfect your piloting skills and 3-star or perfect every mission. Lots of secrets and unlockables hidden throughout. Expect about 20 hours of gameplay if you 3 star every mission and find every hidden item in free flight mode.

>> Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions: Recently dropped to $30 this week. A great collection of 6 games, with the highlights being 3D versions of Pac-Man Champion Edition and Galaga Legions from XBLA/PSN. 4 of the games include medals which are like in-game achievements to give you extra goals to accomplish besides just going for high scores. You CAN erase save data by holding down all face and shoulder buttons when booting it up.

Coming next month---
>> Bit.Trip Saga: A collection of every WiiWare Bit.Trip game on 1 cart in 3D. If you haven't played Bit.Trip RUNNER, that game alone is worth the price of admission. Very simple, but very addicting and great for a portable system with easy to pick up, easy to put down gameplay.


Available now---
>> Donkey Kong 1994 (virtual console): A lot of people pass over this gem thinking it is just a port of the arcade version, and while the first 4 levels start off as that, the other 100ish levels are more a puzzle platformer in the vein of Mario vs Donkey Kong for the GBA. Great game, maybe one of the best on the Game Boy.

>> Go! Go! Kokopolo (DSiWare): This is a fast-paced maze chase game, basically an alternate version of Pac-Man CE DX. You aggro an enemy by swiping at it, then proceed to round up huge chains of enemies throughout the level while being chased, leading them through traps while avoiding traps yourself, ultimately getting them to a man-eating plant located in the maze that eats them. The bigger chains you build up, the more points you get.

>> Game&Watch Gallery (virtual console): Another game that is often mistaken for its older counterparts. While this game does include the old-timey G&W games, it also includes modern, more fast-paced versions of each game. Another game that is easy to pick up and put down for short spurts of play.

Obviously personal tastes will always be the biggest influence towards people's purchases, but I was sick of seeing all the posts from casual gamers who only buy "big name" titles with Mario/Zelda/Resident Evil/etc in the title.

User Info: shikaka22

6 years ago#2
Oops. I forgot to mention

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars: This game isn't a shooter, its Fire Emblem with guns.

User Info: GoreGross

6 years ago#3
The 3DS also has backwards compatibility. I won't even be picking up a 3DS title today when I buy mine - probably Golden Sun and Pokemon Black.
Innovation? Innovation doesn't sell like the next Call of Duty game.

User Info: OoSubaruoO

6 years ago#4
If people can't find a 3DS game to play, why not just play their DS games on it for now..

User Info: xoftheuniverse

6 years ago#5
no Doa listed....
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User Info: shikaka22

6 years ago#6

Available now:
Radiant Historia, Infinite Space, hundreds of other great games, etc.

Coming soon:
Solatorobo (september)
Kirby Mass Attack (september)

There ya go. I avoided posting DS games because all of the trolls jump to the "BUT I ALREADY HAVE A DS LOL WHO NEEDS DIS 3D GIMMICK TO PLAY IT LOLOLOL"

User Info: shikaka22

6 years ago#7

I was going to post DOA as I personally enjoyed it, but fight game story modes is very hit or miss for most gamers and the online fighting is way too laggy to play on a regular basis.

User Info: slugboss

6 years ago#8
If I want to know what games 3DS has, I look at the top 10 message boards. If it's not there, it doesn't matter.

I'm sure there is 1 or 2 exceptions, but not really. These are the titles that have monetary value now.
02 The Legend of Zelda 3D
03 Resident Evil 3D
08 Dead or Alive Dimensions

User Info: shikaka22

6 years ago#9

Thank you for justifying the existence of this topic.

User Info: bytor33

6 years ago#10
TC is right, Pilotwings is awesome if you like to fly (who doesn't like to fly?) Another overlooked game is Steel Diver. It takes patience and skill to master the game, so probably not for the younger crowd though.
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