why do people feel ripped off by the price cut

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User Info: jfitz1982

6 years ago#71
Am I upset over the price drop just 5 months after release? Yeah I guess a bit. But I really only have myself to blame. I made the choice to buy day 1. It's pretty much a Guarantee there would have been crazy sales come black Friday when i could have bought it for 200(ok so i was 30 dollars off by my original estimate...) I could have waited, and chose not to. But at the end of the day, it's 80 bucks. Whoopdidoo. No reason to come on a forum and rage about it.

I do think people justifying Xbox and Sony's price drop on their systems, yet complaining about Nintendo's is a bit trollish though.
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User Info: GaresTaylan

6 years ago#72
I think I would be upset too - but it wouldn't infuriate my by any means.

I picked up my 3DS today after a trade in on my XL at Target. While I was checking out - the guy in the electronics department started to go off on a tangent about how p!ssed he was regarding the price drop. You would think someone murdered his family by the tone of his voice.

User Info: Releven

6 years ago#73
I just bought a PS3 about a month ago, now it's got a price cut too. I'm pretty butt hurt and Sony won't even give me an amassator program to give me free psone games. I'd post this on the PS3 boards, but people will laugh at me saying I have no right to complain, and I should just deal with my loss.

That's why I came here to the 3DS boards, where people love to complain about this crap.

...Seriously, I'm now taking a loss for a 3DS and a PS3, and I don't give a crap. I don't get why anyone else would, especially since 3DS owners actually got something in return. PS3 owners didn't even get acknowleged, which seems somehow normal to some, especially 5 years in, but for the people that bought launch PS3s to see that their $500 console is now half the price, that probably should hurt alot more than $80. It doesn't though, because it's f ing stupid to complain about this crap.
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