First thing I heard when I got my 3ds today....

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User Info: LePetitePollito

6 years ago#31
lol oh man i feel you on that one

y girlfriend is not a shopping maniac either as much as she loves new clothes, but shes not a gamer at heart like I am so I understand why she feels its a bad investment, but she also doesnt know that I like to be part of the gaming community pretty bad, and how much games mean to me as well.
But I understand her point and respect it. I just really wanted my 3ds.
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User Info: moonlite13

6 years ago#32
jordandrako posted...
My mom was saying stuff like that when i asked for parts to build a gaming computer for my graduation present. Old people don't understand.


does your gf at least like video games? my gf wooped my ass in halo lol
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User Info: keyblader1985

6 years ago#33
strongo9 posted...
It's okay. There will also be people like that in life that see hobbies that don't interest them as a waste.

I just don't understand that mentality. I don't care for most sports, but I don't think of them as a waste of time/money or look down on people who do like them. But in the eyes of so many people we're wasting our time.
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User Info: LePetitePollito

6 years ago#34
well she does kick ass on 007 goldeneye and she likes smash bros brawl a lot, but shes not madly in love with games but hey to each their own
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User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#35
You should've gotten a Falcon.
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User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

6 years ago#36
I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My wife actually bought me my 3DS as a surprise gift (pre-paid for that bad boy before launch, no less)! Not only that but, when I took my 3DS with me to my son's Cub Scout meeting, I was the coolest guy in the room. Not just with the Scouts, but their dads and the den leader also. They all wanted to see my "awesome" new device. :D
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User Info: LePetitePollito

6 years ago#37
I dont get the whole "its a waste" mentality either.
I love games and it will always be that way, I wanna be a game designer and Im really proud of that, it just bothers ne that games in general are looked down on and are usually thought of as kiddy things and nothing more than that.
just kids entretainment : /.
Games actually mean way more.
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User Info: Jeraleep

6 years ago#38
cvmckenzie posted...
I dont know how you feel about confidence and all that, but id leave the gf over a lot less than that. Lifes too short for judgemental opinions and other peoples crap. Dont hold back on handing it back to them. Seriously. Everyone is into something.

I dont have to know these people to know you could do better on that side of the relationship. Im a nintendo gamer and i collect little gi joes and stuff.

I also have naked black and white posters of women in every room of the house, some lesbian. I also used to watch wrestling religously, until it got stupid.

Niether my wife (whos uber hot), any of my prior ex's (who were also hot), or any of their parents have mentioned them, the gaming, or the joes, outside of saying its really cool.

Im sure they have opinions, but theyre scared of the crapstorm that be waiting on the other end of their comment. im cool with that. You can of course put up with what you want to but, just know some of us learned that rocking the boat regularly buys respect instantly.

F em.

if people are afraid to state their opinions around you, then you kinda sound unbearable to be around. you'r hostage - i mean - wife, must really love you to stick around. and you've convinced me she's uber-hot too. repeat anything enough and you'll convince me as much as yourself.
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User Info: AchievmentFreak

6 years ago#39
tell your girlfriend to put that mouth to good use while you play your 3ds instead of complaining. I hope she reads this.
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