Anyone else have lines on their screen?

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User Info: JPdelaGhetto

6 years ago#1
I got my 3DS today and I'm excited. No games yet but I'm playing the crap out of the AR games and I'm playing through Links Awakening DX again! However I noticed something when I was playing Netflix.

On my lower touch screen I have a very feint line that looks like it was a hair. Hair isnt green and red though. It looks like dead pixels but the thing is I can only see it when the screen goes black. Any other type of moving object and even black images don't show the lines at all.

Really not sure if I wan't to go through all the trouble of returning it when I can don't even notice it as I play games. What do you guys think??!?
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User Info: AduIt_LlNK

6 years ago#2
It's not a defect; it's an effect that they use when you're on Netflix.
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  3. Anyone else have lines on their screen?

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