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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#11
why does US/EU wait until next week to put up the site. . .

Japan's one is up
JPN Black 3DS (Launch) / OoT, Layton: Mask of Miracle, TotAbyss, Ridge, nintendogs,SFIV, Pokemon Scramble
VC Games: SML, Dodgeball, Adventure Island 2

User Info: TheloPronoeo

6 years ago#12
Linkz1 posted...
Serial Number? I registered the 3DS at Club Nintendo using the serial number. Doesn't Nintendo check those accounts who are registered?

Because you didn't need to have a Club Nintendo account in order to be an Ambassador. I actually couldn't even connect my eshop to my account for some reason even though the screen name and password was right.
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