The Nyko battery pack?

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User Info: ravens52bears54

6 years ago#21
So is this the one with the rubbery finish?

I was also looking at this one as well?
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I've hear people mention that swapping the battery causes street pass data to be erased, anyone confirm?
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User Info: BBlackford

6 years ago#23
^ Good question. What happens when your 3DS is battery-less for 30 seconds? Does everything reset?

User Info: nugzz

6 years ago#24
My Base works fine, around 9 hrs of netflix per charge, Power Saver off brightness 4 wireless on.

Swapping battery does not erase anything but time & date.

10/10 rating from me.

SIDE NOTE. First couple charges plug charger cable into the 3ds, do not use the base the first few charges.
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User Info: nugzz

6 years ago#25
Cough cough, found a glitch. Removing battery also resets steps taken. Use coins, remove batt, shake, use coins, rinse & repeat.
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User Info: Slaysme

6 years ago#26
Power pack plus is awesome. Forget the base, though.
Had on since purchase right after launch and i've had no issues.
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