Since Nintendo Video is terrible...

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User Info: hatemakingnames

6 years ago#61
KogaSteelfang posted...
"Intentionally choose videos I dislike."

That's the part I can't understand.
Do people seriously expect them to use esp to mentally establish which videos they put up?

College humor is popular, they put up college humor videos.
They weren't intentionally picking videos you'd dislike.
They thought people would enjoy them.

Anyway, I see you at least can see my point, so I'm done.

Exactly. The root problem is that the entire delivery system is flawed.

To get people to the content they want, it's much more efficient to let them download videos of their choosing from a list, like they did with the eshop videos for E3 games and the Green Lantern trailer.

Let us keep what we want, delete what we don't, and never have to download crap that we know was designed for 8 year olds.

People keep saying "youtube" because it already works that way, and already has millions of videos to choose from. They don't need youtube (though, anything they make will always be inferior), they just have to redesign the whole thing.


6 years ago#62
The solution is to allow users to RATE THE VIDEOS. That way they could see how much people hate crap like the Glee trailer. I don't hate the app, I hate the CONTENT. That is an important distinction. By allowing users to rate the content, they could possibly save this app.

Unfortunately this service seems like it will never be more than an avenue for Nintendo to gain some extra advertising revenue.
"Man how to people figure this stuff out? A rubber band on the R button." - HYPERMECHA

User Info: MBBDarigon

6 years ago#63
Keep rating the service 1 star. Tired of it telling me there's a new video when they actually just changed the date.

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#64
Why isn't this closed yet?
If the game gets a bad score, bash the game; if the game gets a good score, bash the reviewer. - stanthelovebot
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User Info: MBBDarigon

6 years ago#65
MicroOmegaMan posted...
Why isn't this closed yet?

I don't know? It's rather old and I expected it to be close. I checked my 3DS and it gave me a spotpass that I've already seen so I checked if my topic was still alive.
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