I forgot how annoying OoT was (and probably similar games from its day)

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User Info: ixoria

6 years ago#21
Pokeman718 posted...
Final Fantasy 7 is WAY worse. I love the game, it just has no sense of direction at all. They make you do the weirdest, impossible-to-figure-out things

Zelda is too neasy compared to the earlier superior great ff tittles. FFVII have more than content than the entire zelda library

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
6 years ago#22
nintendogger posted...
__Gaminator__ posted...
Umm, listen to what Navi tells you. The game isn't THAT confusing >.>

I got stuck at the beginning because I didn't realize what she was saying was a commandment. "I wonder what Saria will think..." I thought she was just thinking out loud. XD I went ahead and bought the guide (it's for the original) and I use that now when I get too confused.

Welcome to video games. Phrases like that are always hints. Always.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#23
trenken posted...
TC is right. The game is not clear about what to do next, and not everyone can spend 50 hours running around in circles.

At one point they want you to go to Kakariko to get the hook shot, but all they say is go there. You have no way of knowing its in the graveyard.

IIRC, The boy during the day mentions it, as does Dampe's notebook in his cabin shack.
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User Info: SkyCrackers

6 years ago#24
Also, the man in front of the tree mentions seeing Dampe's ghost come out of his grave. Kakariko village is small, and the NPC's drop hints. It's not too hard to figure out.
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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#25
SupaT posted...
Randomly running around talking to everyone because I have no clue what to do. I only beat this game once, and that was around launch so the 3DS version is my first time playing it since then. I can only backtrack but so long before I start to get bored. I'm really trying to resist the urge to whip out a guide, but we'll see what happens.

That's the point of NPC's,genius. Obviously Zelda isnt for you if you cant bother to talk to the different NPC's to see where your supposed to go or what you have to do.
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User Info: Kaizoku_Ou

6 years ago#26
lol Zelda noob.

User Info: Zanimar

6 years ago#27

From: ixoria | #021
Zelda is too neasy compared to the earlier superior great ff tittles.

Um no. The only "hard" part of the early Final Fantasies was grinding and that's not hard, just tedious. In the end every FF game suffers the same problem in that you become more powerful at a rate that is far faster than what the monsters can keep up with. FF8 attempted to fix this but instead makes it so that you never have to level or even really face any enemies beyond the first island and with the right knowledge can be dealing 9999 damage long before the end of disc 1.

FFVII have more than content than the entire zelda library

So you are telling me that FF7 has a more content than

Zelda 2
Zelda LtTP
Zelda LA
Zelda OoT

Each of which contain about 5-20 hours of gameplay depending on how skilled you are? Sorry, but nope. Unless you are completely new to FF or rpgs in general FF7 takes just as long as the other FFs before it, 15-25 hours, add in the extra bosses and you may squeeze 27 hours, but still no where near what the total play time of all Zeldas up to the general area point of FF7 is. Also that's not including every Zelda since I was being nice and not nit picking your comment, but let's do that though. So in addition to what I've already listed there is

Zelda MM
Zelda OoA/OoS
Zelda Wind Waker
Zelda Four Swords Adventure
Zelda Minish Cap
Zelda Twilight Princess
Zelda Phantom Hourglass
Zelda Spirit Tracks

Which would all have a combined play time total in the hundreds, if not two hundreds. FF7 has no where near that much content to equal a hundred hours worth of play time. Please take off those nostalgia glasses and stop trying to hold FF7 on a high pedestal. I liked the game, but I would easily rank it as one of the easiest and shortest FF games with 10 being first and 6 being second.

I'm not saying any Zelda game is hard either, but at the end of the day they at least require you to do more than just fight monsters to get X amount of levels and then press confirm as fast as you can (or press confirm period in the turn based ones).
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