3DSes sold out in anyone else's area?

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User Info: JP_Sartre

6 years ago#41
LHS_2012 posted...
MarkMilton posted...
I may be wrong, but I don't think the Dreamcast was selling out after it's launch. There's my rebuttal to your appeal to credibility.

the Dreamcast continued to sell-through throughout the holiday season... the problem was stores were only getting a handful at a time, so it isn't certain that the sell-outs were just due to demand because the supply chain was so poor.

after the holidays though, Sony made it's big push with the PS2. the fence-riders had little choice: the ones unable to get a Dreamcast during Christmas figured that waiting a couple months for the PS2 was not a big deal, and went with Sony.

no amount of slashed pricing or free games was going to make up for the momentum lost after the first three months... people wanted the shiny system even if it had far inferior games and a higher price.

the Vita will have the higher price when it comes out but the games look better than what Nintendo has to offer right now. if Nintendo doesn't take advantage of the momentum they're creating right now by releasing better games, they'll be in for a real struggle.

The difference is though is that this time Sony made its big push before the 3DS started to pick up its pace. The Vita's price announcement made most fence-riders wait it out until the holidays to decide between the two. However, the price cut and the Vita's post holiday launch put many of the fence-riders in 3DS camp.

Nintendo doesn't have to worry too much about games either. Two of their biggest franchises, Super Mario and Mario Kart, have holiday releases, and they have several other first party titles slated for release by next year. Meanwhile, the Vita will be facing similar problems the 3DS had at launch: launching in the off season and without any system sellers. This time though, the Vita will be competing against the larger libraries of three cheaper consoles, when the 3DS only had to worry about two.

It all depends. If Sony continues with few good RPGS and strategy titles, instead continuing to throw down action games and "pew-pew" 1st person shooters, Then I may not be interested in a Vita.

I'm sick to death of Mario. I'm sick to death of Luigi. I'm sick to death of Zelda, Metroid and all the other played out Nintendo franchises. Blasbhemy! You say.

What do I want, you may ask?

Atlus games. The more the better. Aside from them: Microsoft (AOE) and Conspiracy Entertainment (Panzer Tactics), Natsume (HM & RF) and Squeenix. They threw down the best games on the DS, IMHO.

The best thing is at least there will be a choice. The best Library of games will get my $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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User Info: Alias_Nemesis

6 years ago#42
JP_Sartre posted...
Sakurafanboy posted...
I, luckily, have an Ambassador 3DS but out of boredom I checked GameStop's website and both of the GameStops here are 100% sold out of both Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue. Yeah, 3DS sure is a 'flop'. Yup. Sold out = flop. >_> And this isn't that big of a gaming community so that really should say something. I'm really glad this is happening since it shows a bright future for the 3DS. That and OoT3D is sold out as well (I got the last copy one of the GSes had on the 12th).

So yeah is anyone else noticing the same in their area?

Fail, self assurance topic is fail.

No u.
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