C/D: If/When a 3DS XL comes out, you wouldn't buy it.

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User Info: Kayube

5 years ago#21
I probably will not get a 3DS redesign unless it's a huge improvement or I need a second 3DS for some reason. I didn't get the GBA SP until I needed it for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (and even then it was only because there was a cool NES-painted one), I didn't get the DS Lite until the hinges broke on my original DS, and I never got a DSi of any kind since I didn't think there would be anything worth getting on the shop or using the camera. (I ended up being wrong in that case- I've found a few good DSiWare games, but I'm still glad I skipped the DSi itself.)

User Info: 587Deathking

5 years ago#22
I've had enough of upgrades
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User Info: Lost_Seraph09

5 years ago#23
C. I prefer more PPI, the 3DS already has enough jaggies as it is, and portability. And I'm fine with the battery life.

User Info: Stankymoo

5 years ago#24

I'm not going to buy a 3DS until they give it an upgrade. Why? Well, waiting has multiple advantages:

1. The library will be bigger/worth investing money in by the time an upgrade come out.
2. Nintendo will have fixed issues with/improved their online services by the time an upgrade comes out.
3. The original 3DS might go down in price further by the time an upgrade comes out (in case I decide I'd rather have an original).
4. The 3DSi or XL or whatever it'll be called will most likely be better in some way than it's predecessor (battery, screen brightness, improved clam shell design, etc) .

^This is all assuming that a second version of the 3DS is coming out at all.
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User Info: Reptobismol

5 years ago#25
I don't plan to.
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#26
C. Too expensive.
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User Info: TLozFTW

5 years ago#27
I don't really see what would be improved in it besides battery life, and I have yet to really have a problem with that. Switched button/ stylus placement wouldn't be that big of a deal, the way it is on the 3DS is fine. The increased screen size is not necessarily an updgrade for everybody. I have no problem playing my DS games in 1:1 scale, and with the 3DS' relatively low resolution, a small screen is better imo, especially that we will likely be seeing many 3D (as in, using polygons) games.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#28

Loving my DSi XL.
3D screens.. how do they work? are they similar to magnets? PS: Please no replies from scientists.. you're always lyin, and gettin me pissed.
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