So whose planning to purchase more than 1 3DS?

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

6 years ago#1
I've been highly debating getting a Flame Red 3DS a Cosmo Black 3DS. Just cause I love the colors. And with series like Pokemon hitting the 3DS soon, having more than 1 for trading purposes isn't too bad an idea (I don't have anyone locally to trade with). And I have an Aqua Blue one. So yes, I'd have 3 total. o.o;
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User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#2
Me, for Japanese games.
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User Info: Second_Chances

6 years ago#3
I'll pick up a japanese one eventually
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User Info: Dark_SilverX

6 years ago#4
Picking up a Japanese one and a European one. Just so I can have all the regions at the palms of my hands.
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User Info: Mariofan15

6 years ago#5
I'll probably get the Red one at some point.
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User Info: rdprince

6 years ago#6
I got another but it was for my girlfriend so she could get the new price and free games. I don't think I'd have any reason to personally own two though.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#7
Geez.. I know it got a price cut but $170 shouldn't be money you just throw around because you like a certain color better... And trading purposes for Pokemon? lol....

User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#8
Maybe if there's a slick enough re-design down the line

I'm smarter than to pay extra for a system just to play games from another region. I'll just stick it out until a certain sect of the fanbase relieves the 3DS of that limitation
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User Info: j2cc45

6 years ago#9
already did since my 1st one got stolen.
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User Info: RYeBlack

6 years ago#10
Already have Cosmo and Aqua (Bought it before the announced price drop and I don't mind)

Planning to buy Flame Red next month
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