Summer Road Trip Handheld Gaming Event

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User Info: Arrog

6 years ago#1

Amazon has many 3DS, DS, and PSP games on sale at the moment. There may be good prices here for some of you looking to pick up backwards compatible DS games or 3DS games at a discount.

Can anyone recommend Ridge Racer 3D at $20? I'm considering that one.
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User Info: Sakurafanboy

6 years ago#2

Had to

but no, pass it up.
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User Info: stromvancouver

6 years ago#3
I've heard mixed reviews about ridge racer, but $20 isn't a bad price if it's playable and has online multiplayer.
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#4
This seems just as good a link:

Thanks Arrog for the link, I'll be looking through what's available.
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User Info: LIEKmudkiepz

6 years ago#5
I just got ridge racer, it is actually REALLY good. I don't understand why almost all of the reviewers said it was bad.

User Info: jordandrako

6 years ago#6
Samurai Warriors Chronicles
by KOEI Corp
List Price: $39.99 *slashed*
Price: $39.99

Lold really? Too bad I just bought DOA for $35
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