So how many here,

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User Info: SoloFusion

6 years ago#1
actully have a 3DS and love it so far? I'm just really surpirised that it's getting so much hate, i mean yeah the launch lineup wasn't stellar, but at least well be getting really good games soon.
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User Info: Sega_Saturn09

6 years ago#2
I just got mine 30 mins ago LOL
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#3
Not me. When November hits I'll change my opinion

User Info: MBBDarigon

6 years ago#4
I'm waiting for Mario games.. So kind of disappointed so far.

User Info: XileLord

6 years ago#5

Got it, love it and the hate train will pass eventually.

This time next year people will be thinking a lot differently, that's my prediction anyways.

User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#6
I'm enjoying the software. The hardware... less so.
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User Info: cadmaster

6 years ago#7
Can't play any import game. This is got to be the most idiotic move. No region free means you lose more monnies Nintendo.
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User Info: Pinchekria

6 years ago#8
I'm not enjoying it at all. Just the first 2 days where I was checking out everything. Now it's just collecting dust until StarFox comes out. The only other console that collected dust was the Wii and then I sold that one. This system however I have more faith in, I'm looking forward to Luigi's Mansion, Mario Kart, and Paper Mario.
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