You can't play 3DS games on a DSi?!

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User Info: strongo9

6 years ago#11
My mom bought be a GBA when the DS has been out for a few years. -__-
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User Info: Nickf42

6 years ago#12
When I worked at Gamestop (for 3 months) people wanted Super Mario Glaxy for PS3 and Metal Geral Solid 4 for Wii....

Then others asked why they couldn't play mario on 360...or halo on PS3
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#13
Joystiq actually tried before the official launch. It can't be done anyhow since 3DS carts have a tiny piece of plastic on the right side to prevent them from being inserted into any DS model.

User Info: legendarylemur

6 years ago#14
TC, try blowing the 3DS cartridge BEFORE putting it into your DSi. It should work better. If not, you should try switching the channels on your tv.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

6 years ago#15
My cousin was going to buy punchtime explosion(I think that's the name) for his dslite.

I had to explain that his couldn't play it, and he seemed upset.
I was thinking of buying it so he could play at my house, but I figured he'd get confused.
Especially considering he thinks I have a dsi, not a 3ds. lol

Anyway, he's excused, as he was just 10 when he wanted it and just didn't notice it was a 3ds game.
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The previous statement is true.
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