So lets pretend...

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User Info: toasty_toaster

5 years ago#1
That a High official of Nintendo, like Iwata or Reggie or someone, came to your house this instant claiming to get some fan criticism or advice for future projects etc.

What would you do / say to him / her?
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User Info: skawo93

5 years ago#2
Stop calling me, you jerk. I know you're not who you claim.
Run! Run away!

User Info: Soccer009

5 years ago#3
gimme ssb 3DS now! its not been made? make it right now!
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

5 years ago#4
Slam the door

User Info: strongo9

5 years ago#5
Viciously make out with him.
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User Info: Pinchekria

5 years ago#6
I'd tell them to get rid of the friend codes and make online like Xbox Live (but keep it free).
- Change the menu to have categories (Like the 360 dashboard or hell the PS3's even)
- Change the eShop to also have categories to better navigate to what you want..
- Demos god freaking dammit (I might slap one of them at this point)
- Change the Nintendo Video to be more like the Nintendo Channel on the Wii
- Work something out with Netflix to bring 3D movies
- Add another circular pad to the right side of the bottom screen to make it better for shooters (Because being forced to aim with the stylus is annoying)
- Change the Mii's to be more like the avatar on the 360, make them have more features instead of being almost like bobbleheads
- SNES VC for the 3DS

- For the Wii U, release a regular damn wireless controller to be optional at least. Something like the 360 or PS3 controller, not the damn classic controller which requires connection to a Wiimote. Godamit who's idea was that.
- Revamped graphics for the Gamecube games that are gonna be put to download.
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User Info: cream147

5 years ago#7
"Let's start with the 3DS. Why did you launch it with no games? You've completely stifled the system by launching it too early and I'm not sure it will ever recover. I am currently definitely regretting my purchase. You need to pump out the games fast and where are all the third party games that you promised? Vita will destroy you if you are not careful, you cannot ride on the success of the DS.

You seem to think that if you come up with an appealing enough gimmick the console will sell itself. Wrong. Games sell games consoles. People are intrigued by the 3D but $250 is a lot of money to pay just for intrigue. You've rectified the price now, but the game issue still isn't sorted. Sort it. And consider scaling back your DS line, as the DS is currently outselling the 3DS and probably taking sales away from it and that is extremely disheartening to 3DS owners. It shows that currently it would appear that the system has no future.

Now onto the Wii. It's a joke. Again, it was designed to ride off a gimmick, and that sort of worked because of the price point that was appropriate for the market. However, it's lost its steam now for the same reason as why the 3DS is failing. Where are the games? You need more than just first party games to sustain a console, unless you're going to start pumping them out much, much quicker (yet still at the same high quality).

An unfortunate thing with your targeting towards the family is that Nintendo has now developed a reputation, and a stigma has developed where males 13 and older are criticised for playing Nintendo games. Now I don't agree with it, but it's something the other companies don't have and it needs to be removed by an increase in advertising of so-called "mature" games. We don't always need to see grannies playing your consoles, sometimes it would be nice to see the typical young man playing them as well.

The Wii U is already going on the road to failure as well. For a start, it has kept the Wii branding, which has a negative reputation from "hardcore" gamers. It also is built upon a gimmick, and that just hasn't been working for you lately. The multiplayer options are worrying; we need the ability to use multiple tablets else people are going to have to use the backwards Wii controllers as before and that will be a nightmare. I'm also concerned that a lot of the announced games for the console will be quite old by the time it comes out. Then there is also the concern that it won't be significantly more powerful than the PS3 and 360. It needs to be more powerful than them, else how is it going to compete with their successors?

So in short, if the Wii U is to succeed, it needs more games than other Nintendo consoles, particularly third party. It needs to be technically superb. It needs to have better multiplayer options than what Miyamoto has so far implied. It needs to be backed by advertising campaigns that would be considered "mature". Ideally it also needs a name change, but I can see that you really want to keep this "Wii" stuff.

I'm not going to lie to you Reggie/Iwata, I'm worried about Nintendo. But act on my advice for the 3DS and the Wii U, and you can fight back. You have some great assets. You have a history of great game consoles, you have Mario and Zelda, and you have Miyamoto. Now use them. Good luck."

I'm pretty sure Reggie/Iwata would have left by then lol

User Info: robomasteralpha

5 years ago#8
Pinchekria posted...
- Add another circular pad to the right side of the bottom screen to make it better for shooters (Because being forced to aim with the stylus is annoying)

Especially when you're left-handed (like I am).
Now we know...

User Info: KingAvatar

5 years ago#9
Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars.

User Info: Jeraleep

5 years ago#10
i'd tell him to make an online multiplayer game where you had to lay siege to castles, one team defending while the other tries to capture it. each player has a unit of men to control, with commands or he can take control of specific ones on the field. the players on each team would have to communicate well for the best unit combos and tactics.

that's just a vert basic idea for a game i want to see. that could easily turn into an mmo too... i don't think it's the type of thing nintendo would even consider though :(
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