3DS price cut leads to sales resurgence ( UK Article)

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  3. 3DS price cut leads to sales resurgence ( UK Article)

User Info: VampiricDragon_

5 years ago#11
it seems they are starting to at least
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User Info: ParisKills

5 years ago#12
Just got one for my sister's christmas present. So that's sorted. I doubt it will go down again near christmas since there will be better games out, so there will probably be bundle offers like 3ds+game for 140-150. I will check it worksand has no problems and then it goes back in the box for 4 months.
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#13
VampiricDragon_ posted...
Queen_Rathian posted...
1 more reassurance thread. Nothing new.

Uh this is a POSITIVE NEWS article.

Ignore her. She's the same poster who said level 5 wasn't going to localize the remaining Layton games.... making her wrong forever in my eyes.
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User Info: toma13

5 years ago#14
PhaseBlack posted...
That's usually the initial effect of a price drop. When PS3 dropped from $600 to $500, it sold a lot for a short while. But PS3 sales didn't really take off till it hit $300 with the PS3 Slim

$500 is still a lot to ask for a console. $300 is much more reasonable. $170 is in the reasonable zone for a handheld system.
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  3. 3DS price cut leads to sales resurgence ( UK Article)

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