Nintendo 3DS sells 207k last week in Japan thanks to price drop (article)

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User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#51
it might make 16 million this fiscal year yet
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User Info: Shinobi120

6 years ago#52
strongo9 posted...
It's funny because IGN is actually a unit of Fox Interactive Media. All of you are completely correct by saying IGN is the Fox News of the gaming media world.

Anyway, it's awesome that the 3DS sold that much in Japan. Imagine how much it will sell in Europe, Australia, and America. If a price drop causes this much sales I wonder how successful the 3DS will be during the holidays. By then Nintendo will have rolled out Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, two games that will sell millions upon millions of copies throughout the 3DS's lifetime. The 3DS and Nintendo are going to fail my ass.

Unless they have good, compelling software, I'm still not buying one.

User Info: McMarbles

6 years ago#53
B-but the 3DS is a flop! no gaems! iOS is the future! Nintendo is doomed!

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User Info: BreathofFire3

6 years ago#54
Lol every system has a big boost in sales after a GIANT price drop but the real test is if it keeps selling this much after a week or two because if the sales drop back do to the normal 10,000 to 20,000 then this system is offically dead
"If FFXIII goes to the 360 i will sell my PS3 and my respect for sony would be zero for letting go of such a major game." -TheKonspiracy

User Info: Broncav

6 years ago#55
ixoria posted...
Only 207k? If PSP gets a pricedrop once Vita arrives, PSP would outsell 3DS by a landslide.

You know it's truly good news for Nintendo, ladies and gentlemen, when it draws out comments by "ixoria."
Being a fanboy = Dedicating yourself to and defending a piece of plastic, made by a corporation that doesn't care about you anyway.

User Info: vyseskies

6 years ago#56
whoa, 207k on japan?

NICE info VD! =)
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User Info: AKC12

6 years ago#57
Anysales figures in the USA yet?
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