Okay, can I ask WHY have a REMAKE hold the future of the Star Fox series?

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  3. Okay, can I ask WHY have a REMAKE hold the future of the Star Fox series?

User Info: guncrashdx

5 years ago#1
A completely new Star Fox would have been much better. It doesn't make sense to have Star Fox 64 3D discontinue the Star Fox series if it doesn't sell well. Isn't it obvious that a lot people wouldn't buy a remake of a game they already played?

I think Nintendo is trying to kill the franchise on purpose :\
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User Info: skawo93

5 years ago#2
They don't want to waste resources creating a new game if it won't sell like the recent ones.
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It actually does make sense, remake it may be, but young it isn't. The original came out something like 14 years ago. I'm sure there are plenty of newer gamers who haven't played it. For them it might as well be a new release, on top of those who buy it for nostalgia purposes. It's also considered by many to be the best star fox game. This is pretty much the same situation as OoT. This pretty much lets them gauge interest in Star Fox with out the risk of a full blown new game.
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User Info: IcedEarthaholic

5 years ago#4
I will be buying it sometime myself, probably once I get a bit more cash, God I am gonna be cash strapped like no one's business in the near future and I know it.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
5 years ago#5
Companies try to earn money, so a company that makes video games tries to sell a lot of games. If Star Fox doesn't sell, they'd rather work on an IP that sells better.
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User Info: darkstriker00

5 years ago#6
It's less about it being a remake and more about not having online multiplayer. This isn't the 90's anymore where my friends are right next door. If they didn't bother to add a simple feature like that then maybe they really just don't care about Starfox anymore.

User Info: trenken

5 years ago#7
With a game thats this short, with little replay value, no online is a total deal breaker for me.

I'm pretty sure this game isn't going to have great sales. Hell, Zelda only sold about a million, and people thought it would have hit 3 within 2 months. That's not happening.

By the time the 3DS is in more homes, mario and mario kart will be out, so who will be out looking to spend $40 on N64 games? Nintendo isnt the brightest bunch of chaps in the whole world.
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User Info: LHS_2012

5 years ago#8
You guys do know that you don't have to walk into every Starfox topic and ***** about the lack of online. I'm pretty sure most people know by now that there's no online.
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User Info: wave1000

5 years ago#9
If you going to remake a star fox it should have been the first one. They could have updated it and gave it complete stat tracking and other features. 64 is way to short and easy compared to the original they need to start all over and show what made Star fox good in the first place also for a bonus they could have thrown in Star fox 2. game would have sold well then.

Like the guy above said Nintendo is really not that bright.

Better yet here is how you make a good product.

Star fox 64 3D - including Starfox 1 and Never released Star fox 2

No online needed and people would still buy.
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  3. Okay, can I ask WHY have a REMAKE hold the future of the Star Fox series?

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