Rayman Origins 3DS Screens

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User Info: PhantomSword

6 years ago#1
My favorite part of the day is when she dance in the mirror.

User Info: grans

6 years ago#2
Thanks for those. Assuming those are clear representations of what the game really looks like on the system, it's the same as the console version, which would be awesome! I can really imagine how great the backgrounds will look with extra depth of the 3D. The visuals look like they've been ported extremely well and faithfully to the 3DS. I'm betting they used the Wii version as a base since it was likely easier to scale the game to the 3DS from there.
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User Info: Big_Isaac

6 years ago#3
this seems odd...
those screens look nothing like Rayman 2.... are you trying to say this is a NEW rayman game that?!?
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