What do you want from 3DS redesign?

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User Info: LtColKilgore79

6 years ago#1
As for giving non answers such as "too early" or "it's perfect", please don't. On topic: They should definitely add a second circle pad, make it at least DSiXL big (not that big a deal when the Vita looks massive), rearrange button placement to make it more ergonomic, a resolution bump, more RAM, and increase the hardware quality (fix paint, D-pad and hinge issues). If you agree with my suggestions, how much do you think this redesign would warrant?
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User Info: xR4PTORx559

6 years ago#2
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User Info: LightHawKnight

6 years ago#3
Why must there be one of these topics a day?
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User Info: fallenKlNG

6 years ago#4
* Ability to take pictures without the shutter sound going off. I like taking pictures, but people always give me weird looks.
* Better quality camera
* Ability to record in 3D
* Bigger "sweet spot", if possible
* The bottom screen doesn't scratch up the top screen (I haven't had this problem, but I've heard about it)
* A power button that's more responsive
* Put the stylus in a more convenient location
* Most importantly, bigger screens if it's not an XL version (I'd prefer an XL version)
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User Info: sp4zmaster

6 years ago#5
Adding a circle pad or increasing ram can't happen because that makes the original obsolete. Any games that utilized the new design would be unplayable on the original, which would be a big screw you to early adopters.
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User Info: Pinchekria

6 years ago#6
Demos and a video player or Youtube app, so that we can view 3D videos, not just the 4 crappy ones on the Nintendo video app, or those badly compressed video previews in the eShop.
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User Info: Releven

6 years ago#7
Seriously, what is with people lately.

These topics started with the release of PS3/Wii, talking about what PS4 or Wii2 will be like, and now we're already getting into redesigns of 3DS? How about this one? Shut up and enjoy what you have.

User Info: Black_Assassin

6 years ago#8
Region locking removed
Battery life increased

xR4PTORx559 posted...

This would be really nice.

fallenKlNG posted...
* Ability to take pictures without the shutter sound going off. I like taking pictures, but people always give me weird looks.

I think there's a law in Japan at least preventing that.

User Info: slugboss

6 years ago#9
Not owning a 3DS yet, I'd like them to remedy the problem with the circle pad leaving marks on the top screen. Otherwise I don't care if there is any new shape or size. I just want my system to last.

User Info: AduIt_LlNK

6 years ago#10
1. Can print money
2. Allows me to travel through time by adjusting the date
3. Safety mechanism that shocks anyone trying to steal my 3DS.
4. Can transform into a gun, car, house, or phone
5. Circle pad is now fused together with the directional pad. You can press down AND use it as an analog.
6. Does my (college) homework.
7. Fights crime.
8. Powered by pollution (or Carbon Dioxide when not enough pollution... but there always will be).
9. Has a dream-mode, where I can play the games in my dreams..... online.
10. Most importantly, it needs to have bigger screens.
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